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Cookbook called Taste and Tales of Massachusetts

A Cookbook called Taste and Tales of Massachusetts by Bass Pond Press

Massachusetts’ favorite regional cookbook, our recipes celebrate the foods of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and New England.  Published since 2004 by Bass Pond Press, our state, regional and specialty food cookbooks can be found across New England.

In 2003, three women got together and decided to publish a cookbook, Taste and Tales of Massachusetts.  Together we covered the three essential items necessary in putting together a book, design, content, and artistic.  One day I was in the studio of Louise Minks (www.louiseminks.com) and I saw this wonderful painting of a tidewater scene on the wall. I said, “that would make a wonderful cover, could I use it?”  She was thrilled with the idea.  I then asked Cathy Cornwell, a graphic designer, if she would be interested in designing the book and she said, “yes.”  So I wrote, Cathy designed and Louise illustrated. The Massachusetts cookbook was published in late 2004 and is in its sixth reprint.

My next book was on cranberries, then Cape Cod and the tale goes on. I was a history/political science major in college and my books give me the opportunity to bring together my love of history and food.  People enjoy reading the tales and cookbook collectors have enjoyed learning about the little facts about a region or food product.

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